100 Small Business Ideas With Low Investment

Small business ideas with low investment are hard to think of, but first what is a small business?  Small Businesses are privately owned and managed companies, partnership firms or sole proprietorship. Easy to set up and managed independent of any external influence, small businesses remain the most popular and common form of commercial establishment all over the world owing to flexible work times and the euphoria of being your own boss. Although the trend for small businesses is declining in the developed countries due to increases corporate acquisitions, it is thriving in the developing world such as South-East Asia and Africa.

So we have lined up a list of Business Ideas for you.

Business Investment

In this article we are going to explore, point out and suggest 100 ideas for starting a small business of your own. These ideas are effective, feasible and best of all, cheap so that you can start your own business for under $100. Interested? Then read on!

  1. Social Media Consultant: A computer, some time on your hands and being comfortable online is all you need. Remember to offer your services at a discount to build your initial portfolio.
  2. Grocery Delivery Service: Not all stores are covered with home delivery of orders. Contact local stores and work out a deal to deliver groceries to customers for free. Another option is to provide you own online purchasing options for groceries you are willing to stock.
  3. Project Management Services: As a project manager you can work with a number of businesses and industries. Your job is to help the company get their project completed on time and on budget.
  4. Mobile Repair: If you have a knack for fixing things and you don’t mind driving around doing it, this opportunity is the one for you.
  5. Tutoring: No one ever “gets” the subject they are currently studying. If you have skill in a particular subject and love to teach it, if you are passionate about it, then tutoring might just be your calling.
  6. Resume Writing Service: Resumes are very important for landing the right job. If you offer a service that can help job seekers stand out among’st other applicants and have a better chance at getting the job they desire, you could build a thriving business helping other people.
  7. Child care Provider: Provide child care services to families where both parents are working. However, be sure to check local laws and regulations before you start.
  8. Freelance Writing: If you love to write, you might want to consider freelance writing. To get started, check with some local businesses in your area and see if they need help with blog posts or creating other information products such as reports or short e-books.
  9. Freelance Design: No matter what type of design you do, there are going to be companies that need your services. The key is to work on your portfolio and get a few referrals under your belt.
  10. Lawn Care Service: It is a good job for someone who likes to be outdoors, and can be started inexpensively with fliers, business cards and a lawnmower. It can be lucrative if marketed to time-crunched homeowners. Also, it’s a business that you can easily scale into a bigger operation.
  11. Cleaning Services: Whether your focus is on cleaning houses or company offices, this cheap start-up business idea will cost as much as supplies and the fliers needed to get your name out in the community.
  12. Catering Business: If you like to cook and can plan out a meal from beginning to end, this could be a side business for you.
  13. Virtual Assistant: The costs of starting this business comprise a computer and a stable Internet connection to maintain contact with clients. Responsibilities include organizing things, weeding through e-mails, posting to social media and keeping people on a schedule.
  14. Consultant: If you switched jobs or are in between jobs, you might consider working as a paid consultant in your former industry on the basis of your past experience and your contacts.
  15. Translator Services: Most online translates can’t cover real-time face to face conversations, and that’s where you come in. If you know multiple languages, then you can use that skill to offer translation services to tourists, business houses and government officials.
  16. Elder-caregiver: Target market are senior citizens who might not want to live in assisted-living communities, but would still benefit from help with minor day-to-day activities including light house work. Costs comprise marketing materials and daily commute.
  17. House Painting Business: In many states- Florida, for example- you don’t need a license to work as a painting contractor. All you need is the painting equipment to do indoor painting.
  18. Taxi Service: With ride-sharing services like Uber, one can turn one’s own car into a business vehicle without spending a dollar. As you accumulate money, you can hire employees and sub-contractors.
  19. Tour Guide Service: If you know an area well, sign up with a website like Vayable.com and let them find your customers for a cut of the revenue.
  20. Tax Preparation: Preparing tax returns for individuals and corporations is a great opportunity to start a small business.
  21. Drop-Shipped Products: Drop-shipping is popular and lucrative owing to there being no big start-up costs or expensive investments in inventory. You can sell products online, collect payment, pay suppliers, and let them send out the products — even using your company logo if you like.
  22. Scrap Metal Recycling: A search of your garage and shed might be all you need to start a scrap metal recycling business. Copper and Aluminium are the most valuable of the common metals, and almost every community has one or more scrap metal buyers. Once you’ve made your first sale, start looking for new supplies.
  23. House Staging: Suitable for those with an eye for interior design. House staging is setting up a house to maximize its appeal to potential buyers. It’s actually quite the science but if you’re good at it you can make a fortune in commission.
  24. Aquarium Cleaning: Advertise on services like Gumtree and approach local pet shops and partner with them – offering them a fee for each successful referral. Customers are likely to be regular and returning if you do your job well.
  25. Freelance Financial Adviser: Freelance financial adviser jobs consist of assisting clients in determining their investments and guiding them to the most lucrative financial benefits.
  26. Affiliate Marketing: This is one of the easiest businesses to set up. All that is needed is a website- and they come pretty cheap at $1.99 these days- and a few partnerships with vendors operating in a particular product niche that you are knowledgeable about or have a passion for.
  27. Blogging: This is again related to writing. If you love to write and your blog generates a considerable amount of traffic, then you can add website links from PayPal and E-commerce websites such as Amazon on your blog and get commission every time people click on them.
  28. Create Information Products: A cross between blogging and tutoring, this is an idea that is catching on with fervor. Create online lessons for anything under the sun or write eBooks for the same. Many websites such as YouTube support online tutoring videos and help you collect fees from the viewers. All you need to do is know what you are teaching.
  29. Editing and Proofreading: Online job websites such as Elance and Fiverr are filled with people who want their articles and book manuscripts edited and proofread in exchange for a fee. The pay is good and the work is very satisfactory.
  30. Converting eBooks’ formats: A large number of writers lack the knowledge or the time to convert their finished manuscripts into proper eBook formats such as Amazon kindle (. azw) iBook, google books, etc. Working as a freelance book converter is a great idea to earn without any heavy investment of capital.
  31. Online Surveys: There are companies willing to pay for creating online surveys for their products and website. The fee can start from $35 and climb to $100 per survey. If one gets enough gigs, this can be a full time home based business.
  32. Internet Based Research: A number of people outsource the research that they need for their thesis or dissertation. Again, companies also outsource their market research requirements to freelancers.
  33. Book-Keeping: If you have studied accountancy and are good at it, then you get provide freelance book-keeping services to stores that are looking for someone to manage their accounts but not wanting to make it a full-time employment. You will be astonished by the sheer number of the potential clients you will find.
  34. Business Coach: There are a large number of full time businesses that need a good business coach to be more successful – You can set up a home based business coaching service to cater to their organisations, provided you have the experience and the knowledge to pull this off.
  35. App Creator: In the modern world of smartphones, apps are an important part of mobile computing. A brilliant app idea can make one a millionaire (e.g., UBER), or at the very least result in the flow of extra income either from ads or user payments depending on whether the app is paid of free. The only thing required for this is knowledge of HTML programming.
  36. Software Creator: Like app creation, but more optimized for performance of specific business processes, if you are good at programming, then you can apply that knowledge in creating software for maintaining payrolls, accounts or as need be.
  37. Musician: If you are one of the lucky people who has the gift of playing a musical instrument then you can use that talent to start a home based business. Weddings and other formal functions can be a lucrative source of performance income.
  38. Disc Jockey (DJ): Being a DJ takes some natural music talent. You can start by performing at local birthday parties, weddings and social events. On gathering experience, you can look for corporate events.
  39. Videographer: The rise of internet has created a demand for quality videos from personal bloggers and small and medium sized businesses.
  40. Start a Home Bakery: This type of home based business doesn’t even require the purchase of expensive equipment to get started. One can start with one’s kitchen wares and oven.
  41. Greeting Cards Maker: This is another business that can be done from the comfort of your home using Microsoft Publisher or other desktop publishing software. You can take orders from neighbors or sell cards online through websites such as cafepress.com
  42. Auto Detailer:  There are a large number of people who will gladly pay someone to make their old vehicles look new. You can do this business from your backyard or garage.
  43. Computer Repair: Almost every house has a PC or Laptop. These experience glitches and problems every now and then. A home based computer repair business would find ready customers of you are willing to drive to their homes.
  44. Woodwork: This can be a viable home based business if you have a talent for making unique sculptures because people are paying top dollars for unique items.
  45. Real Estate Dealer: People will always need houses and in this age of free information, a computer and a car is all to need to start working as a real estate agent.
  46. Multi-level Marketer: Multi level marketing companies like Avon, GNLD and Herbal life are always looking for marketing agents to sell their products. This business can easily be done from your home office.
  47. Selling Lost Luggage: Lost luggage that the airlines have failed to match with their owners can be sold on eBay or at a car boot sale.
  48. Insurance Agent: Being an insurance agent gives you the flexibility of working at your own leisure and preferred hours while providing a lucrative income with practically zero investment.
  49. Plumbing: Most plumbers run home based businesses. You can advertise your services through local classifieds. You will be amazed at the simple things people are willing to pay others to help them with.
  50. Pet Grooming Business: People who have pegs spend millions of dollars making their pets look good and keeping them healthy. If you love animals and have a steady hand, then this is your calling.
  51. Pet Sitting: Some people don’t have time for their pets. Pet owners will hire you to pet seat their animals whenever they have a dinner engagement, away on holiday or excessive work load. This is just like babysitting, except its for animals.
  52. Babysitting: No more a business for just high school or college kids, if you live in an affluent neighbored where people have no problem paying top dollar for a professional baby sitter, this is a viable home based business.
  53. Bed and Breakfast: If you own a large home with many rooms, you should consider opening a small bed and breakfast. This small adventure could lead to a much larger business in the future, but even running it small scale could bring in some big bucks.
  54. Catering: A catering business can be run easily from home. What one needs is an area to store all your equipment and an area where you do all the food preparation.
  55. Home Inspector: A home inspector works with Real estate agents and does thorough audit on homes, pointing out any potential problems. Anyone can run this type of business, although someone who has worked in the construction or housing industry will have an advantage. Y
  56. Pet Fence: If you can get an exclusive contract from a pet fence installation franchise, you are set on a full time home based business.
  57. Wedding Planner: Basically an event planner specializing in weddings. People will pay big bucks to professional wedding planners for organizing and planning their weddings.
  58. Hairstylist: If you have previous experience in cutting hair and giving manicures, then opening up shop from home is a great way to start your own salon.
  59. Carpet Cleaning Business:  A carpet cleaning service is best performed by purchasing a franchise from a national service provider.
  60. Buy and sell cars at a profit: Buy used cars, have them checked for quality and health and sell them at a slightly higher price and keep the profit. Simple!
  61. Masseur: If you have a spare room you could use it as a massage studio. Alternatively, you could visit clients’ homes. Giving massages is big money with very little investment.
  62. Yoga Instructor: Know Yoga? Have a spare room? Print some fliers and get started already!
  63. Landscaper: The only requirement you need is a keen eye for details and structures.
  64. Laundry Services: Provide washing and ironing services to people for a fee. Work hours are flexible and you just need to know how to operate a washing machine.
  65. T-shirt Design: Websites like cafepress.com have made it easy to start a home-based design business. You set up a free account, upload samples of your work and people will contact you if they like your work.
  66. Boot Camp: if you have a farm or a considerable stretch of land, you can convert some of it into a boot camp. To get started you just need to set up challenging obstacles.
  67. Master of Ceremony: If you are a person who can attract the attention of a room easily, being a master of ceremony might be for you.
  68. Vehicle Tracking Service: Vehicle tracking is not required just for large corporations, but small and medium sized businesses too require detailed analysis on their transportation spending. To start this type of home based business you will need to purchase licensed software and make a control room in your house from where you will monitor all vehicles.
  69. Seasonal Decorator: A seasonal decorator specializes in coming up with unique themes for seasonal celebrations such as Easter, Halloween and Christmas.
  70. Mystery Shopper: A business trend that is catching on heavily, big brands pay people to shop for their products and report back on the customer experience.
  71. Dinner Cook: This unique idea is slightly different than catering. As a dinner cook, you go to someone else’s home once (or more) per week and cook a meal for them.
  72. Poop Scoop: Believe it or not, people run businesses picking up dog poop. Most owners just let their pets do the business in the back yard and somebody has to clean it up. It’ll cost you about $2 to set up.
  73. Pet Presents Business: From squeeze dog toys to cat scratch poles, there’s a great demand out there for pet toys and gifts.
  74. Dog Walking Business: People are crazy about pets, but don’t have time for them. Advertise on sites like Gumtree as a dog-walker or register as a provider on new website BorrowMyDoggy (yes, it’s real). This is mostly a part-time business.
  75. Personal Fitness Trainer: If you’re a certified trainer then register with your local gym. You just pay a gym a fee to use their venue and their equipment. You can earn up to $50 an hour at this business.
  76. Fitness Programmer: Things like military fitness at the local park are really taking off and you can design a fitness course along those lines. You charge a set fee for a two/three-week program and you’re all set. Advertise in local gyms, online and via flyers/posters.
  77. Dance Instructor: People pay big bucks to learn dances such as salsa and tap, ball and ballet. If you have the skill, all you need is a big room in your house or you can rent a dance studio.
  78. Martial Arts: Know Kung Fu/ Karate/ Taekwondo or any other martial art form? Rent a studio and advertise in your locality and you are ready to go.
  79. Sports Instructor: In the event that you are good at games and have a good eye for on-field strategy, then you can work as a freelance sports Instructor for a number of teams.
  80. Nutritionist: Partner with Martial Artists, sports Instructors, fitness coaches and dance Instructors to give advice on nutrition and diet to the learners. You must be certified as a nutritionist to start this.
  81. Architect: A lot of construction/ engineering firms use freelance architects for particular projects. The number of projects you can work on depend on your network, work and contacts.
  82. Fundraising Agent: Help organize fundraisers for institutions and NGO, and receive your cut in commission.
  83. Head-hunter: Great idea for a part-time business. Recruitment companies such as Graduate-Fasttrack offer a commission if you refer them people who are then selected for employment.
  84. IT Support Business: As the business world beefs up with improving technology, some organisations struggle to keep up. You can train the employees of these organisations in the use of latest software and computers. This a very lucrative business with returning customers.
  85. Public Relations: Many companies outsource their public relations department. You can apply for and purchase such a franchise. All you need is a phone, a computer and all the info about the company you are representing. This would be a great business ideas
  86. Tattoo Artist: Great if you are brilliant at design. You don’t have to start big. Second-hand Tattoo gear is available at cheap prices on eBay. Buy them and operate from home. All you have to do is print some fliers and possibly make a signboard.
  87. Make-up Artist: You have to have an eye for what is beautiful and soothing for this. But if you know what makes the face look good to the eye, this is the calling for you. To start you should partner with local wedding planners and approach neighbors.
  88. Copywriting Business: This is the same as content writer, except that all the content comes out in your own name. Be a freelance copywriter and write articles for blogs, travelogues and online magazines and get paid doing so.
  89. Flyering Agency: Companies and even freelancers would need fliers to let the people know about the new products, services and the offers being churned out. Open a Flyering Agency where you design the flyers and get them printed as per the clients’ specifications. You can outsource the printing to a local printing press.
  90. Packers and Movers: All you need is a big van which you can buy second hand for a cheap price and some strong workers. Start by operating locally and by road only. You can afford and provide air transit services when the business really takes off.
  91. Security Agency Business: Open a night-watchman or security agency and approach small and medium business establishments for contracts.
  92. Medical Claims Processor: A Medical Claims Processor helps the doctors get paid faster through faster settlement of claims with the insurance company, allowing the patient to clear his or her bills efficiently.
  93. Seminar Organizer: A lucrative business today is being the organizer of seminars and talk-shows. You can arrange and promote the shows and get a cut of all the revenues that are made from sponsorship and ticket sales.
  94. Calligrapher: If you have good penmanship, you could start a calligraphy business in invitations such as wedding cards.
  95. Domain Flipping: Just like dealing in cars or other things, domains can be bought and then sold at a higher price with you pocketing the difference as profit.
  96. Currency Trading: Every day, there is a huge fluctuation in Forex markets. If you have a combination of technical and fundamental analytical skills and some cash flow, you can become an online currency trader. 
  97. Telemarketing: More and more companies are outsourcing their marketing activities and looking for people like you to fit in. You can earn up to $50 per hour depending on the size and type of operation.
  98. Social Media Manager: The work of a Social Media Manager begins where the work of a Social Media Consultant ends. Mist business owners simply don’t have the time to be involved with Twitter, Facebook and other social networking sites in a proactive manner. You can take the franchise of managing their social media profiles in exchange for a fee.
  99. Jewellery Making Business: If you have a good eye for detail work and a lot of patience, homemade jewellery can be quite profitable. As with other items on this list, there are many opportunities to sell such items through local gift shops, craft fairs, or sites like Etsy.com.
  100. Slideshow Making: Many people would love to have a beautiful slideshow to commemorate the passing of a loved one, an anniversary, or a special birthday. With a computer and some select software, you could quickly turn anyone’s pictures into a beautiful, custom slideshow, and profit handsomely for your time and effort.

That’s it. The above mentioned 100 small businesses ideas with low investment are excellent for students, youngsters, retired people as well as any other person looking for a side hustle or even a full time business activity.

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